CAIRBULL, based in China, specializes in developing, designing, and manufacturing of sport and safety helmets of the highest quality with best price. CAIRBULL helmets are at the forefront, be it cycling, skiing, ski touring, BMX, horse riding, climbing, mountaineering, expedition and rescue helmets. CAIRBULL take the women, youth and kids into consideration of our series at the same time.
Born in 2014, CAIRBULL is a relatively young company, but thanks to it’s ultimate purpose of designing the highest performance helmets with lowest price, in this short time the company have gone through a tremendous evolution marked by every single rider all along the way. 
The purpose of CAIRBULL is aiming to offer products with a perfect balance between technological excellence, functionality, safety and an attractive Created in China design. In today’s riding scene, The role of helmet has been elevated from a safety component to a self-expression through style. Therefore , We also see our helmet as an accessory in riding fashion. Our series, simplestyle, stylish, and unconventional design reinterprets the idea of “safety’’, while providing our customers with high quality and low price, light-weight, and breathing helmets at the same time. All riders, regardless of what they most enjoy in riding, could find his or her very own helmet in our category, and savor every protected and joyful moment in riding. We aspire your best choice of items. With in-depth safety and creativity precisely because CAIRBULL, let’s get connected and feel the world of immense satisfaction. Let’s enjoy the style and safety!
As a leading sport and safety helmet brand in high-quality and low-cost, CAIRBULL go along with ‘’CRAFTSMAN SPIRITS’ ’- uncompromising attitude on product development, we are contributing to develop products with safety performance, fine design, and comfort for all riders.
CAIRBULL helmet all start from handmade mock-ups by craftsman, ‘’ formative designers’’, The art, which constitute precisely curved surface, is the combination of boldness and sensitivity, and it is complex as if a living creature. These designs can never be done by digitalization but by human hands.
Feel the helmet born with CAIRBULL spirit and passion, pursuing comfort and high specification but low expense.